You Don’t Have to Settle for Contractor-Grade Windows

The contoured frame on our replacement window will look great in your home!

Don’t settle for off-the-shelf big-store-brand replacement windows or contractor-grade windows when you can have custom made and custom fitted Wincore replacement windows installed by professionals at a price you can afford.

With energy costs soaring, replacement windows create a great opportunity for savings.  Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make and you can protect it and enhance with new windows.

It only takes a few minutes for us to hand-measure your window openings, and provide you a free quotation.  Call us today at 325-267-9110, or fill out the form on this page, and we will call you to set up a time to meet with you at your convenience.

Narrow Frame Option Now Available

We have been fans of Simonton for years, and their new Asure series of replacement windows is one more reason to keep cheering. We completed a job on a beautiful five-year-old home in Sweetwater recently with a few very narrow openings. This installation turned out GREAT and I am certain you will be seeing some photos of it on the website soon, but it caused me to look again for a product that would meet the needs of the occasional home owner that wants a narrow framed window.

Most of our clients around Abilene really love the fully contoured and wide-framed replacement window, but a few home styles, and a few circumstances would benefit from a top-notch window that has more glass and less frame. If that is something you are interested in, we will definitely steer you toward Simonton’s Asure line. They are beautiful, energy efficient, and have a look that can be particularly nice in certain historic homes or special applications.

Call us and we will bring you a sample to take a look at. (325) 267-9110.

Five Great Reasons to Consider Replacement Windows

1) Beautification of Your Home  -  While energy savings is often quoted as the number one reason our customers install new replacement windows, the fact remains that driving into the driveway and seeing those great new windows is really number one.  After all, this is your home, it says a lot to the community about who you are, and new windows make you proud to come home.

2) Energy Savings  -  Clearly in today’s economy with soaring energy prices, the addition of custom-fitted double-pane replacement windows can make a big difference in what you pay in utilities each month.  Every month you wait is one more utility bill and more savings “out the window.”

3) Noise Reducation  -  That argon filled insulation space between your new replacement window panes insulates against noise as well as weather.

4) Investment  -  For many of us, our homes are our largest investment.  New replacement windows improve the curb-appeal of your home, and have a great potential to add to the value of your home.

5) Easy Cleaning and Maintenance  -  Old windows are difficult to keep clean, but our Wincore replacement windows are specifically designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, meaning you spend more time enjoying your windows, and less time cleaning them.


Custom Fit is Important – Let Us Show You Why

Window openings vary significantly in most houses.  Even a single opening is often different from top to bottom, but a custom built replacement window, and a trained installer can ensure that a window is properly fitted and sealed.

We will measure your windows once when we provide you a quote, but before we build your replacement windows we will re-measure each of your window openings using our multi-point measure system.  Additionally we will look for any special circumstances that might allow us to improve the fit.

In short, we will worry about hundreds of details so that you don’t have to. We work right here in Abilene and West Texas and we are willing to come and show you how to get started.

Call us at (325) 267-9110


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